The Sacred Hour

Many woman after they give birth, want to spend time with their baby. After I had my daughter that’s what I wanted. I wanted it to be just her and me for the first hour, so we could bond and work on breastfeeding and just get used to one another.

There are many benefits to having that sacred hour after baby is born. Baby can naturally crawl to moms breast for breastfeeding without any support from any caregivers. Babies have a natural instinct to find mothers nipple just like any other newborn mammal.

When mom breastfeeds during the first hour it can help expel the placenta with little risk of postpartum hemorrhage. Baby getting skin to skin contact in the first hour can help baby regulate their body temperature and respiration. It also reduces the risk of baby getting high blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Mom can also choose to do delayed cord clamping so that baby gets more red blood cells and keeps baby away from getting anemia. Babies also begin to recognize their mom by her touch, smell and sound of her voice. Its important for baby to remain with mom (if not medically necessary) so that the baby doesn’t get separation anxiety.

When mothers breastfeed during the first hour, it helps mom nurse better by getting baby to properly latch on and suckle without needing caregivers help. Skin to skin after the first hour can also help baby with their immune system.

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